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Since 1995 John Ware, owner and Strength and Conditioning Specialist at BOOST VIP Fitness Training has provided personal training services for men and women of all ages and abilities both in the U. S. and abroad (Africa and Asia). His focus has always been clients who seek to make fitness a priority, but have been discouraged by conventional area gyms and amateur trainers in the past.

Centrally located in a well equipped training studio in Monroe Ward in the heart of the city of Richmond, BOOST VIP Fitness Training is a private training facility offering more than the average gym-going experience; namely targeted, evidence-based and effective physical training techniques. Physical ‘training’ is simply adaptive physiology: for the body to adapt to it, the training must be purposeful (or target specific) and appropriate (safe and evidence-based) and of course consistent. That’s what John does at BOOST! He provides all the tools and experience necessary to change your body for the best. By combining the expertise of Richmond’s most experienced trainer with a well-equipped facility, featuring equipment that is hand-picked and in some cases deigned by John, you will be able to focus your efforts on the importance of every session and take advantage of the focused, personalized and professionally developed training experience. BOOST VIP Fitness Training welcomes everyone at any level of fitness or age to give purpose to their exercise training effort by experiencing our unique training experience.


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We can both coach your training efforts but also hold you accountable for your nutritional decisions. BOOST VIP Fitness Training welcomes anyone at any level of fitness or any age to experience a training facility with only one goal – to give purpose to your training efforts. BOOST is free of the distractions that health clubs and typical gym settings can’t avoid. By maintaining a well-equipped facility with a professional fitness trainer, BOOST can eliminate mediocre or wasted exercise efforts. We will create custom-tailored fitness programs ranging from…


BOOST is a 1,800 sqft. private training facility equipped to provide a 1-on-1, state-of-the-art training session without the prying eyes of any other members.


It’s you and your professional trainer working together to achieve your physical fitness goals. John will provide all the accountability necessary to achieve success!


With John’s master’s level education and training, numerous clinical exercise physiology experiences and all the years of a successful personal training career both in the U.S. and internationally each client will benefit.




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Favorite Quote:

“Nothing happens to any man that he is not formed by nature to bear.” 

  – Marcus Aurelius


John Scott Ware

•   Older Adult Fitness

•   Weight Management

•   Sport Performance

•   Tactical Fitness

•   Therapeutic Exercise

•   Lifestyle Fitness

•   Nutrition Coaching

•   Fitness Product Development


John Scott Ware

 •   BS – Exercise Sciences (George Mason University)

 •   MS – Exercise Physiology (University of Colorado)

 •   Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

 •   Tactical Fitness Security Contractor (Somalia)

 •   International/National Personal Trainer (Japan)

 •   Member of National Strength and Conditioning Association

 •   Member of American College of Sports Medicine

 •   U.S. Olympic Training Center (USA Swimming)

 •   Clinical Exercise Physiologist

            *  Cardio/Pulmonary Rehabilitation (Roanoke Memorial Hospital)

            *  Therapeutic Exercise Specialist

             *  Industrial Exercise Physiologist (DuPont)

 •   Certified Ergonomics Assessor

 •    Fitness Equipment Product (Inventor/Developer)


John’s approach to physical fitness is strictly science and evidenced-based. Sessions are generally an hour long and will be full-body programs. The training objectives for any client are:


We take precautions to ensure that we do you no harm.


We first benchmark your starting point. We will establish your relative muscular strengths, muscular endurance and cardio capacity. We will establish training goals based on realistic expectations and your level of commitment.


We will empower you with science-based knowledge. As you become fully engaged with the science you will achieve a total buy-in commitment.


We work at intensities relative to each person’s capabilities. We will ‘safely’ overload your body’s energy systems in a manner that best serves your life’s physical requirements. We then connect the strength gains that we make to the ground with pre-fatigued functionally challenging drills.


We will ensure that for every push there is a pull; for every extension there is a flexion.We will want to reduce orthopedic limitations and functional imbalances. We will stabilize the ‘at-risk’ joints of the body at the end of every session. Weak kinetic links will sabotage your training efforts and reduce the training stimulus. will seek to balance the body front to back and top to bottom.


We help you to understand that to change the body you must apply the appropriate training stimulus. If it’s not purposeful, appropriate and consistent you’re simply burning calories or setting up for an injury and fighting a battle you will ultimately lose.


You will come to appreciate the difference between a professional level trainer and a pin pulling, rep-counter!


Our payment model is simple. You simply pay per visit. Each visit comes with all the training and amenities necessary to get a great workout in an hour. Then you can shower, change and get back to your life.


Appointments are necessary but these visits are FREE! We will talk about your goals and your resources and come up with the perfect plan for your budget and your lifestyle.


(60 min. sessions)

  • choose your Plan

  • SavingSaving
  • Payment DuePayment Due
  • 1 Sesson

  • $75

  • Saving0%
  • Payment Due$75
  • 6 Sessons

  • $400

  • Saving~10%
  • Payment Due$400
  • 12 Sessions

  • $765

  • Saving~15%
  • Payment Due$765
  • 18 Sessions

  • $1,080

  • Saving~20%
  • Payment Due$1,080



If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please call or text (804) 433-8555.  At least 12 hour notice is required for a cancellation or rescheduling in order to receive credit for the session. Failure to cancel within this time frame or failure to show up for a session will result in the client being charged for that session without a make up session granted. Exceptions will only be made in the case of a documented medical emergency or if arrangements were made in advance.


Clients are expected to begin working out at the start time of the scheduled appointment. A late start time does not entitle a client to a session longer than the scheduled appointment. Please call if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late for a session. If you are more than 15 minutes for late without notice the trainer may assume you are a no show.


BOOST VIP Fitness Training

116 E. Franklin St.

Suite – 104

(On 2nd St. between Franklin St. & Grace St.)

P: 804.433.8555

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